What is Love?

Many argue that love is a feeling. Others argue that it’s a verb. Some argue that love is an emotion, and others argue that it couldn’t possibly be so fleeting. 

I believe that love manifests itself in a myriad of mystical, mysterious and magical ways. I believe that love can be REVEALED in a thought, in a feeling, and in an action. However, these materializations are merely finite representations of what love truly is beneath the surface. The very reason we are able to live in and express such manifestations is because we are pulling from something much more infinite. We are pulling from the very source of love itself. This is the love we carry inside of us. It is the love that allows us to express love in the varying ways we unique humans do. We are pulling from the love that is sustaining us each an every breath. We are tapping into the source of wisdom, truth and purity that our highest selves are created in. 

This doesn’t mean that we are always creating and living from love. Each moment of every day, however, we have the choice to. We can choose to live in that ocean of wisdom at the center of our core, or we can choose to live in the absence of the acknowledgement of it. You see, there are only two realms to exist in:

  1. Love
  2. The absence of the acknowledgement of love

There is never the absence of love itself. There is only the failure to access it. Because love is always there, we can always choose to stand in it. This is true, even when it may feel as if the entire universe is against us. The reality is, love is abundant simply because it is infinite. Even in the face of darkness. And what is darkness anyway? It is merely the absence of light. 

There is never a lack of love. But if we choose to be unconscious of it, it can certainly feel this way. Much of our world acts from this unconscious space. All we need to do is look at the state of our earth to see this. And in the face of so much seeming-darkness, sometimes it is hard to remember the light that exists within each of us. 

Even those who consciously practice personal growth, forget to stand in love sometimes. And that’s okay. In the essence of love, there is no judgement. Sometimes we all simply need a reminder.

When it comes to matters of the heart, I don’t think we ever need to be taught anything. I think we just need to be reminded of what we already know. So when you’re afraid, when you’re doubtful, when it hurts, and when you’re in the face of so many who have forgotten for so long, I hope that you remember. 

I hope that you remember that there’s always love. And I hope you make the choice to stand in it.