Kaia Classes

The Kaia Curriculum is a series of 2 Introductory Classes, 4 Deepening Classes, and 1 Advanced Class. Each journey works with specific meridians. Classes are meticulously designed to target and transmute stagnant energy within the body, take us into higher states of consciousness, and into deeper connection with our authentic self.


Kaia Introductory Classes

Kaia Expand

Class releases bodymind stagnation throughout the meridians, with a focus on opening the heart space. Through deep embodiment and heart-centered flow, Kaia takes us into states of expanded consciousness, freedom and wholeness.

Kaia Empower

Class releases stagnation in the liver meridian and solar plexus chakra, taking us into profound states of empowerment and seats us in deep self worth, respect and love. 

Kaia Deepening Classes

Kaia Ground

Focus: Grounding, Releasing Worry, Security, Stability

Chakra: Root

Meridians: Spleen and Stomach

Elements: Earth

Kaia Create

Focus: Authentic Sensuality and Creativity, Releasing Inhibition

Chakra: Sacral

Meridians: Kidney and Bladder

Elements: Water

Kaia Prevail

Focus: Self Worth, Confidence, Clarity in Purpose, Independence

Chakra: Solar Plexus 

Meridians: Liver and Gallbladder

Elements: Fire and Earth

Kaia Liberate

Focus: Forgiveness, Letting Go, Freedom from Past, Self Love

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Meridians: Heart and Small Intestine

Elements: Air

Kaia Advanced Class

Kaia Flow

Kaia Flow is all about accessing flow states of consciousness through deep embodiment. Within the flow class, we harness various meditative movement explorations to shift our brainwaves and states of awareness. We also work with two extraordinary energy meridians - the Du Mai and Ren Mai. The purpose of the Flow class is to get us out of any feelings of stuckness, get our creative gamma waves dancing in the brain, and unlock and tap our full human potential.

Must have taken at least 10 Kaia classes as a prerequisite in order to attend.

Wan to bring Kaia Classes to You? Email: partners@thekaiamethod.com