Expand Consciousness

“Embodied cognition is a larger field that says, “Hey, wait a minute.  We’re not just heads on sticks.”  The brain is a distributed whole body network.  We have as many neurons in our heart and our stomach as we do in our brain.  Ninety percent of the body’s serotonin is produced in our stomach.  They’re whole body integrated networks.”

- Steven Kotler 


Kaia expands consciousness through visualization, meditation and intentional movement. The embodiment method shifts our brain waves from beta over-thinking to deeper alpha and theta states.

When we are in creative and meditative alpha and theta, our high performance gamma waves make connections within new parts of our brains - this is where we achieve peak performance. Furthermore, when we reach optimal theta waves, the place of deep empathy and understanding, we transcend our default conscious mind and find profound connection within ourselves and with others.