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Hannah Blake and The Kaia Method

Hannah Blake traveled the globe dancing professionally, training with masters from around the world, such as The Bolshoi and Kirov Academies, Alvin Ailey and Complexions Contemporary.

At age 16, her relationship to dance wildly changed. Sponsored by her mentor Debbie Allen and the Obama Administration, 10 American dancers and Hannah traveled to the Middle East on a mission to bridge gaps between American and Omani culture through dance. It was here that she first realized and embodied the transformative, ego-dissolving, honest catalyzation that dance could be. 

Instead of going to a conservatory, she chose to go deeper into dance as a form of cultural bridging and healing. She went on to study World Arts and Cultures at UCLA, where she explored Art Therapy, Dance as Cultural Bridging, and Psycho-Biology. She graduated in 3 years, Summa Cum Laude, after exploring the body as the subconscious mind, developing a deep understanding of movement as therapy, and investigating the psycho-somatic connection.

A couple years after graduating, she landed in the hospital with severe inflammation in her small intestine. The doctors diagnosed her with Crohn’s Disease. As a dancer, she always thought she knew her body, but this was a huge wakeup call signalling that she hadn’t really been listening. Now, she was ready to.

Instead of pursuing the traditional medical route, Hannah took this as an opportunity to explore her own body as her subconscious mind - harnessing the pain as a roadmap for deeper emotional understanding. She soon discovered that the heart and small intestine meridians are paired meridian systems. When her heart wasn’t emotionally in balance, her small intestine physiologically suffered. By honoring this, she began to dance within the flow of these meridians, vastly decreasing pain and inflammation. Not only did her quality of life physiologically shift, but she also saw vast improvement in her state of awareness and depth of inner peace. This personal exploration birthed The Kaia Method.

Since its birthing, Kaia has grown into a fully comprehensive methodology, for both deep healing, and as a daily mindfulness practice. The method is rapidly expanding across the states and the world. 

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