The Kaia Method Healing Programs

As women, as humans, it is our birthright to feel safe, free and vibrantly alive within our bodies. Kaia is here to remind women around the world of this birthright, and support us in fully embodying it. With Kaia, we literally dance our way home.

The Kaia Method Healing Programs work with deep and distinct stagnant energies and traumas within the bodymind. We partner with recovery centers and non profits supporting and empowering women across the globe.

The Main Patterns We Work With

Emotional Traumas

Sexual Traumas

Personal and Societal Repression

We Work To

Create the space for women to feel safe, at home, and empowered in their bodies.

Gently release traumas in the bodymind without psychologically feeding a painful narrative.

Cultivate freedom within the body, mind and spirit.

Kaia Introductory Workshop - Moving from Trauma to Light

This is our introductory Kaia workshop for our Kaia Healing programs. The offering is a beautiful way to introduce the method to your community and organization. Moving From Trauma to Light transmutes stagnation within the body through the heart meridian, while strengthening our liver meridian and solar plexus chakra, the seats of self empowerment. The journey is one of profound self love, acceptance and courage. Women who have taken the workshop have called it “life changing”.

If you’d like to offer our introductory class, or a full program to your community, or if you’d like to sponsor a Kaia Healing Program for a group of women in the world who deserve to feel safe and free, please contact: