Embodying True Essence

April 8th • 5-7pm • Debbie Allen Dance Academy

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Embodying True Essence is a 2 hour fully immersive journey to unbecome all that you aren't in order to step fully into all that you truly are. Through intentional dance sequencing, guided improvisation, meditation, visualization and deep personal exploration, we will transmute limiting beliefs, stagnant energy blockages, and emotional wounds within the body, and transform them into tools of wisdom and empowerment. This is an intensive for people fully ready to step into their truth and power. This is an intensive for those ready to connect to their efficacy far beyond the mind. This is an intensive for those ready to dissolve ego and begin living from truth. This is an intensive for those ready to learn to the body as a roadmap for greater emotional and soulful understanding. This is an intensive for those ready to feel safe and at home in their bodies. 

This workshop is for you if: 

  1. You feel disassociated from your body, and are ready to feel connected and aligned

  2. You struggle with feeling "not enough", and are ready to step into your "enough-ness"

  3. You feel emotional wounds and triggers rising up and are ready to understand and transmute them through the body

  4. You are ready to tap into your inner-most truth, far beyond the mind, and far beyond the ego

  5. You are ready to feel at home and empowered in your body

  6. You are ready to live from that which you truly are

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