Are you ready to show up for yourself? Are you truly ready to listen to your body? 



Please read this page before applying.

Sessions can be both in person and online.

Private Sessions:

This is work for those who are ready to: 

Reach flow states and achieve peak performance.

Let go of intellectualizing spirals and drop into the body's wisdom.

Transmute stagnant energy and traumas that are active or lie dormant in the body. 

Face and release limiting beliefs.

Express authentically. 

Expand consciousness through embodiment.

Truly know yourself. 

Live life aligned with your true purpose. 

Next Steps:

Please note that we want to ensure this is something you are truly ready for, as it is a deep exploration that requires commitment to yourself and to the practice. If you feel ready, please fill out the following request form. From there, we will set up an initial consultation.