Sacred Embodiment Retreat, Ojai CA

The Butterfly Effect - Write your Story

April 26th - April 28th


Each song you sing, each dance you dance, each story you write - echoes and ripples into the universe. For these three days and beyond, we’ll make sure it’s the story you want to tell.

ojai valley meadows preserve-L.jpg

This is your moment to truly tune in. To the song that’s been whispering to your spirit. The one that sings the calling of your purpose. This is your time to write your story, in the way that’s most aligned with your highest truth. This is your space to let go of beliefs that aren’t serving your evolution, and to step into the you that calls you loudest.

Saturate yourself in daily practice of The Kaia Method, yoga, meditation, primal earth wisdom, community ritual, and individual investigation of your truth.

For these three sacred days and beyond, we’ll to listen to the song in our hearts. We’ll sing it. And together, we’ll create authentic waves throughout the universe.

What is  y  o u  r s  o n g  ?

Have you stopped to listen to it?

Are you ready to sing louder?