Kaia Specialty Workshops

 These workshops are specially designed for specific traumas, themes, community building and cultural bridging.


Current Workshops

Moving from Trauma to Light

We dance together to move away from the false stories we’ve taken on as our own, and move authentically into liberation. Here, the dance floor is home. Our intention focuses on the transmutation of traumas lodged in the body, whether these be distinct traumatic events, or subtle accumulations of negative thought patterns that cause our energetic bodies to close and tighten over the course of our lives. 

Unleash Your Inner Tigress

A movement journey into your authentic sensuality and creative potential. What is the true expression of your essence, before your partner, teacher or the world told you it should be? Through meditation, visualization, dance sequencing, and free flow, we will feel into just that. Delving deeply into our sacral chakras, we will clear any sediment and blockages that have caused disassociation from the body. Designed for women.

Embody Your True Essence

Do you remember your wildness before the world tried to tame you? Before frightened people tried to dim your light? Before mundane society taught you that sameness meant belonging? Here, we dance our way into remembering who it is we’ve always been, unapologetically, honestly and fully.

Remember - Kaia for Professional Dancers

As dancers, we often do not choose dance, it chooses us. It’s one of the deepest parts of who we are. And sometimes, the commercial and company dance world strips us of this connection. We begin to care about how our bodies look, what kind of clothes we wear to class, how we do our makeup. Sometimes we even go to class just so we can be filmed for instagram. This workshop is our reminder. It brings us back to the truth. The truth of why dance chose us.

Kaia Connection - Kaia for Community Building

Move into authentic connection with community. Connect from the place that lives beyond all intellect. Understand fellow practitioners in new, honest and non judgmental ways and find synergy with each other that allows for seamless flow as a united amoeba.

Dance with Peace - Kaia for Cultural Bridging

Based off Hannah’s work in conflict areas in the Middle East. Here, Kaia creates the space for pre-conceived judgments and defense mechanisms to dissolve. Those who see fellow practitioners as “the other” begin to see them as allies, as friends, as a reflection of their own hearts. We move to find harmony and peace within ourselves, and harmony and peace with each other. We dance to be accepting of ourselves, and accepting of each other.

Host an Existing Specialty Workshop or Work with Hannah to Design one for your Space and Community

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