I came into ‘Moving From Trauma to Light’ with an immense amount of trauma, wary of how much I could really accomplish in a short two-hour workshop. While I entered the workshop feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I was quickly made to feel comfortable and safe in the room. Hannah cultivated a space of radical vulnerability and acceptance, where I felt okay crying, screaming, kicking, or dancing weirdly. I truly felt like I was releasing built-up trauma throughout the entire workshop.
— Yara, San Francisco California

Hannah’s From Trauma to Light workshop totally exceeded any expectations I had. I didn’t expect to be guided so deep into my own internal world in the space of a couple hours. The emotions that came up for me were profound and I truly felt Hannah helped me practice healing of some childhood wounds. Hannah’s kind demeanor is something that truly set her apart; I really appreciated her gentle manner in helping guide me into past traumas. I felt so safe in the container she created for the group and was totally surprised by my body’s reaction to the practice. I can’t wait to join another of Hannah’s workshops.
— Karen, Mallow Ireland

Hannah’s classes have a tremendous way of opening up and moving blocked energy. I found it both fun and freeing to be part of this expression and expansion through movement
— Neil, San Francisco California