Kaia. A Practice. A Movement. A Way of Life.

Kaia Group Reach-2.jpg

Kaia is not your typical meditation, yoga, dance or exercise class. It’s a cohesive practice for total bodymind integration and transformation.

The Two Pillars of Kaia:

  1. Release Bodymind Stagnation.

  2. Expand Consciousness.

The Kaia Method is a meditative dance journey that works dynamically with our body’s meridian systems to target and gently transmute stagnation, on a neuropeptide level. With Kaia, we dance with and within the natural flow of our energy pathways. Each Kaia journey builds toward a cathartic release, where we find vast internal freedom.

This occurs as deep states of embodiment shift our brainwaves. We move from the beta chatter of the mind into alpha and theta states of empathy, intuition, and wholeness.

The body is the subconscious mind. It is our roadmap for self inquiry and understanding. The Kaia Method harnesses this truth. The Kaia Method brings us home.

Your body is speaking. Are you listening?