Become a Kaia Guide

Our 26 Day Training Program is a journey home to yourself, and your gateway to facilitating Kaia in the world. You’ll develop a deep understanding and practice of The Kaia Method, through study of the meridians, brainwave functionality, The Kaia Arc, Kaia’s unique movement sequencing, Kaia’s meditative practices, energetic reading of the bodymind, creating a safe container, and being a catalystic guide for others to find their freedom.

License A - Kaia Guide

License Offers the ability to facilitate Kaia Classes, Flow Class and host Workshops and Events in Kaia approved locations.

License B - Kaia Guide Intuitive

With a foundation in License A, License B offers the ability to facilitate Kaia Healing Programs with approved partners, and host Private Sessions. The duration is an additional 100 hours in specialty and intuitive training.

Kaia Guide License A Training - San Francisco and Lake Tahoe 2019

We are currently accepting ongoing applications for our 2019 training. Please fill out the following application and we will reach out to you with further information. There is a screening and audition process before being accepted.

Some trainings are done in one location over the course of a month. Others are spread out each weekend, over the course of 13 weeks.

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Safe - You are a safe space for others to be vulnerable and express themselves.

Intuitive - You are an intuitive mover and healer.

Clear - You are clear in intention and direction.

Move - You have a love for and natural inclination toward dance.

Drive - You have a drive to support others on their journeys.

If you have questions about the training or would like to host a training within your community, email: